Ben Wattenberg
is a senior fellow at AEI.  He is the author of the books Values Matter Most; The First Universal Nation: Leading Indicators and Ideas about the Surge of America in the 1990s; The Birth Dearth; The Good News is the Bad News is Wrong; and, with Richard Scammon, The Real Majority.  He also writes a weekly, syndicated newspaper column and is the moderator and host of the weekly public television program Think Tank.

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Nationally Syndicated Columns (pdf)
8/16/01   "Not a Comparison"
8/09/01   "McCullough's Adams"
7/19/01   "Spotlighting the Olympics"
7/12/01   "Injudicious Empathy and Polls"
7/05/01   "Vietnam Revisited"
6/28/01   "Bush's Unacknowledged . . ."
6/14/01   "Auntie Sam to the Rescue"
6/07/01   "Network Arrogance"
5/31/01   "Jim Jeffords' Jump"
5/24/01   "Immigration from the Other Side"  
5/10/01   "In Defense of Arrogance"  
5/03/01   "Dick's Dance with Democracy"  
4/26/01   "America - And Darwin"  
4/19/01   "The Digital Deride"  
4/12/01   "More Feck, Less Hoc"  
4/05/01   "Pigeonhole Proliferation"  
3/22/01   "Cool Hand Luke . . ."  
3/15/01   "Melt. Melting. Melted"  
3/08/01   "Medium Not the Message"  
3/01/01   "Liberals to My Rescue"  
2/22/01   "Riding the Whirlwind"  
2/15/01   "Friendz n the Hood"  
2/08/01   "Electoral Iceberg Ahead"  
2/01/01   "Census and Sensibility"
1/25/01   "Lucky George"  
1/18/01   "Sentencing Bush"
1/11/01   "Grading with Shading"
1/04/01   "Blooding the A.G. Designate
12/28/00 "Not Full of Beans"
12/21/00 "A Madrigal with a Moral"  
12/15/00 "The New Adminstration . . " 
12/07/00 "The First Measured Century" 
11/28/00 "Powerful and Legitimate" 
11/23/00 "Proposal: The Pop Seat" 
11/16/00 "Punishing Television" 
11/09/00 "Comes the Evolution" 
11/02/00 "Dems and Dubya"  
10/26/00 "Why Israel?" 
10/20/00 "An early post-mortem" 
10/12/00 "President Chieberman?" 

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Books & Monographs
The First Measured Century
The Good News is the Bad News is Wrong

Additional Articles
03/03 "It Will Be a Smaller World After All" 
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5/16/02   "Parents of Arabia," The Wall Street Journal   
3/30/02   "Don't Wobble on Immigration," Washington Post   
3/04/02   "'Overpopulation' Turns Out to Be Overhyped," The Wall Street Journal   
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